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Lorri – Financial Coordinator

“Hi, my name is Lorri. I have been in the dental field since 1980 and have worked for Dr. Kornegay since March of 1999. I knew after working with Dr. Kornegay for only 2 months that this was the place I wanted to work. A younger man came in as a new patient. He told us in 3 weeks he was getting married and asked if we could ‘fix’ his teeth. The young man had decay in between all his upper teeth quite extensively. Ideally, crowns were indicated from canine to canine. The patient was unable to financially do this because of his wedding. Dr. Kornegay spoke to this patient about doing fillings until he was able to do the crowns on the anterior teeth. Two days later we did all the restorative work in one visit and I still remember when the young man looked in the mirror, tears ran down his face. He stated that now he could smile for his wedding pictures. That is when I knew Dr. Kornegay was in dentistry for people.”

Barbara – Doctor’s Scheduling Coordinator

“Hi, my name is Barbara. I have been working here since November of 2005. I have 3 children, one grandchild, and have been married to my husband Terry since September of 1981. I was actually a patient here before coming to work here. I loved Dr. Kornegay as a dentist; he was always so friendly and has such a comforting personality.

I am the doctor’s scheduling coordinator here in the office and I get to hear first hand how many people are afraid of dentists, mostly from bad past experiences they have had. My job is made easy, by my own experience to express confidence that they will love both doctors as they have personalities that make you feel at ease. A lot of patients come by to see me before they leave to express their good experience they had. I think we have a family atmosphere here; there is a lot of laughter in the office and everyone seems to love their job, which I think sends confidence to our patients.”

Christine – New Patient/Hygiene Coordinator

“I am a DeLand native. I served in the Air Force for 10 years and then in the spa industry for 10 years. I haven’t been in the dental field very long but I absolutely love it. I schedule hygiene and new patient appointments.”

Wendy Falco

“Hi, my name is Wendy. I am the newest member to join this wonderful Kornegay family. As the dentist to my children for a number of years I experienced Dr. Kornegay’s caring sincere, and gentle spirit first hand. I have worked in dentistry for many years and working here is a blessing to me. I have been married to my husband Bruce since Sept. 1981, and together we have 3 wonderful children and 1 beautiful granddaughter”