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Periodontal Patients

Home care is a very important part of periodontal therapy.
Non-compliance can cause partial or complete failure of treatment.


(for adult periodontal patients)

  1. Use a soft nylon bristle brush as indicated.
  2. While the toothpaste is still in the mouth, use an interdental brush in between the teeth.
  3. Fill the tank of the water irrigating device with water as warm as you can tolerate, and irrigate each space between the teeth for 5 seconds.  Use the highest setting on the machine (unless otherwise instructed) but be careful to direct the pulsating water jet at right anglesto the long axis of the teeth from outside to the inside only.
  4. Follow the above 3 steps after every meal.
  5. Once a day, for one half hour, use a round wooden toothpick to massage the gums as instructed from outside to the inside only.
  6. Use floss once a day as instructed.
  7. Scrape the top of the tongue at least once a day.


  1. If you have a heart murmur or any other heart disease you should check with your physician before using a water jet device.
  2. If you have an artificial joint check with your orthopedic surgeon before using water jet device.